Ian Hoolahan

Ian first learnt to fly Gliders at the age of 16 with the Air Cadets and then his PPL on a Cadet Scholarship at the age of 17. After some time flying in the Royal Navy Ian gained his instructors rating and Commercial/ATPL, spending far too much time enjoying his flying before starting his Airline career with Manx Airlines. Currently an A330 Captain with Thomas Cook Ian has always kept his Flying Instructors rating current and spent a number of years teaching Formation and Aerobatics with Ultimate High at Goodwood before moving North. Ian is also an LAA coach being very experienced on a wide variety of light aircraft including many years of tailwheel and Vintage aircraft and has experience in Competition aerobatics and display flying

Rob Barltrop

Rob started air cadets at 13, where he was awarded a Gliding Scholarship and went upwards from there. He was in the right place at the right time to gain a sponsored cadet slot at easyJet on the 737.  Maintaining an interest for the less conventional side of GA Rob kept current by flying parachute drop aircraft, before temporarily relocating to the South.  He is currently a Training Captain (TRI/TRE/Airbourne Base Trainer) on the A320, still at EZY based at Manchester. He is one of Barnstormer’s Aerobatic Instructors, delivering the EASA AR, Formation and Tailwheel training.